Racing cars


What is the objective of a racing car? Being the fastest and crossing the finishing line intact. Needless to say that speed and safety also make special demands on the logistics side.


Racing cars run at high speeds, usually close to the ground. For aircraft the opposite is true: besides being ‘fast’ the interior of an aircraft is cramped and uneven, hardly a suitable environment for a racing car with restricted floor clearance.


Despite the limited scope for movement, we handle this special freight with the utmost care and experience – with a speed worthy of a racing car.
Our solution for you: our in-house developed car containers! Our containers are contoured for aircrafts to maximize the tight interior of the aircrafts. They offer the maximum loading security in a cramped environment and the challenge low ground clearance becomes a thing of the past.

Wanna fly two race cars at the same time? We stack them securely on our car racks especially invented for race cars with low ground clearance! Check out our “innovation” video on the homepage for more footage!

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